13 December 2012

Smoking: one of the causes of erectile dysfunction

Smoking is an unhealthy addiction which is unfortunately very common amongst men and women. There are many people who continue to smoke as they are unable to overcome this addiction and the pleasure they derive out of it. Now-a-days there are many people who are conscious of the detrimental long term effects of smoking, and so they wish to quit smoking. Along with the potential side effects such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and stroke, smoking also increases the risk of erectile dysfunction.
For a normal sexual drive, a man should have an enhanced synchronisation of the central nervous system, and the blood vessels that circulate in the blood to the sex organ. Smoking nicotine over a long period of time may lead to coronary artery disease, narrowing the blood vessels and decreasing the blood flowing to the male sex organ. Although there are many more factors causing erectile dysfunction, heavy smoking is one of the common reasons behind sexual problems. Nicotine, the primary constituent of a cigarette, can also damage the lining of your arteries as it constricts them to make them narrower. In the long run, it can lead to blockage of arteries and increase the chances of a heart attack.
Quit smoking to have a good sex life
When you give up smoking, your body’s blood flow shows a significant improvement due to which sensitivity increases. Men who take the decision of quitting smoking are more likely to get better erections, and women may experience a positive change in their sex drive. The scientific research proves that giving up smoking can lower your stress levels. Moreover, it also improves the levels of oxygen within your body so that you are able to have better concentration and mental wellbeing.
Treatments for quitting smoking
In order to seek quit smoking treatments, first you need to consider factors such as age, lifestyle and the average number of cigarettes you smoke daily. The common methods of quit smoking treatment involve oral medications, counselling or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). NRT involves supplying your body with nicotine so that you can get rid of the cravings of nicotine. However, it is not very successful since the relapse rate is very high. It can benefit moderate smokers, but once the treatment is stopped there are chances of you experiencing withdrawal symptoms and reverting back to your old smoking habit.
Champix is a prescription oral medication that helps people to give up smoking in 12 weeks. It contains varenicline as its active ingredient, which hinders your brain receptors from binding with nicotine because of which you do not experience any withdrawal symptoms. In addition, it also prevents you from experiencing any euphoric feeling after smoking. Champix is not prescribed to people who have a medical history of depression, impaired kidney function or epilepsy. You need to start taking Champix pills at least a week before the decided date so that you are habituated to the medication. It is a 12 week treatment which you are to take exactly as prescribed for it to be effective. Make sure that you consult a licensed doctor before starting with any new treatment.