20 August 2012

Hypnosis Can Help You Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a serious challenge. However, if you are a smoker, quitting now is one of the best things you can do for your health. Smoking is a dangerous and frequently deadly habit. Smoking is the leading cause of cancer. Smoking also increases your risk of lung disease, heart disease and other associated health problems such as decreased bone density which heightens the risk of bone fractures and breaks.

However, all this information has been known for a long time, yet people still smoke. One major reason for this phenomenon is because it is extremely difficult to quit smoking. Nicotine gum, lozenges and patches do not work for everyone. Sometimes counseling and support groups only help one to stop smoking for a brief period. If these more mainstream methods have not helped you to be successful at smoking cessation, it may be time to look in to alternative methods for quitting smoking.

Hypnosis is defined as an altered state of awareness in which you appear to be asleep or in a trance. Clinical hypnosis may be used to treat certain physical or psychological problems. For instance, it is frequently used to help patients control pain. Hypnosis has also been proven effective for helping with speech disorders, sleeping disorders, weight disorders and addiction.

There is debate about how hypnosis works. Some people believe that when you are hypnotized, you relax and concentrate more, and are more willing to listen to suggestions. In this case, one is more focused on quitting smoking.

Even though the patient appears to be in a trance during hypnosis, they are not unconscious. The patient is still aware of their surroundings, and contrary to popular entertainment depictions, the patient cannot be made do to anything against their will. In fact, brain tests performed on patients during hypnotism sessions have shown a high level of neurological activity.

During hypnosis for smoking cessation, a patient is often asked to imagine unpleasant outcomes from smoking. For example, the hypnotherapist might suggest that cigarette smoke smells like truck exhaust, or that smoking will leave the patient's mouth feeling extremely parched. This type of thinking gets one to understand three key elements to the negative side of smoking and how it affects the body. First is that smoking poisons the body. Second is that you need your body to live. Third is that you should respect your body and protect it. This is called the Spiegel Method. The hypnotherapist will then teach the smoker self-hypnosis so that the smoker can use these techniques to repeat these affirmations any time the desire to smoke arises.

19 August 2012

Quit Smoking - A Guest Post with Perspective

A group of friends and I sat down a few years back when the cigarette tax was raised once again. We calculated how much smoking cost. Some of us smoked a pack a day to two packs a day. When you add up the costs of smoking, consider what you could do with that money instead. You can consider this immediately as a daily cost, weekly, or even monthly. Then, think of what you could do with that money that would be more enjoyable. You can save the money, invest it, indulge your hobbies, go shopping or fulfill a desire to travel. Research has shown that rewards are powerful motivators for people when trying to quit smoking.

Consider the benefits to your health. There is conclusive medical evidence that quitting smoking will greatly increase your health. Studies show that these effects are literally immediate at reducing blood pressure, increasing lung capacity and etc. There are also serious long term benefits like reducing your risk for cancer and heart disease. Quitting smoking will make you a healthier person right now and in the future.

Last, RESEARCH! You are already off to a great start because you are reading this but keep researching! The internet is full of great information. Also, the government has many resources to help you quit smoking. Do not limit yourself. Look at traditional based methods such as nicotine replacement and counseling; look at alternative methods such as meditation, acupuncture and hypnosis; and consider combinations of all these methods such as combining nicotine replacement with counseling, acupuncture, diet and exercise. And remember, KEEP TRYING no matter what DO NOT GIVE UP ever!

It is important to create your own culture around quitting. Smoking is a powerful habit with ingrained rewards that keep you smoking even if you know that it is bad for you. To break these habits you mist create new habits with new rewards that are positive and healthy. This can be fun and open up a new world of opportunities for you. Smoking cessation is never easy but that does not mean it must be purely painful. As an ex smoker myself, I am not going to pretend that quitting is easy but I will say that it can be enjoyable if you are in the right mindset. I fostered old hobbies and started some new ones on my journey. Not only do I feel more healthy now but I have made some friends and had some good times in my journey from being a smoker to the non smoker I am today. For more information, check out this electronic cigarette site.

12 August 2012

Recover Your Life with Narconon Fresh Start

Millions of people around the world seek help to overcome the addiction that has taken control of their lives. While there are many treatment programs available, there is only one that has a tradition of helping patients recover from their addiction and go on to lead happy lives. Narconon Fresh Start is a program from Narconon that has seen dramatic results and helped people leave addiction in their past.

Narconon has been in the business of helping people stop addiction for over 45 years. Their Fresh Start program has a success rate of 76 percent, which is higher than other related drug treatment programs. Not only will patients be working with a proven successful program, but will also be supervised by a highly trained staff that specializes in helping those with addiction.

Another benefit to the Narconon Fresh Start program is that treatment doesn't end when patients leave the facility. Comprehensive follow-up visits will ensure that patients do not fall back into addiction once they are returned to their normal lives. This time is critical as it is when most recovering addicts return to their former addictions.

With such a high success rate and trained staff on hand to help patients, there are few other programs that can compare to the Fresh Start program. Finding the proper treatment plan for addicts can be difficult, but this program takes the worry out of whether treatment will be successful. Programs like this help rescue people from the weight of addiction and put them back on the road to happy, healthy lives.