13 December 2013

Effects of Smoking for Women. Part 1.

Smoking seems cool but in fact it harms women’s body and health from the very first intake. Most women are aware of the side effects of smoking and know that smoking can cause lung cancer, heart disease and premature death. But they may not be conscious of all consequences of female smoking.

Women should understand why smoking is particularly bad for one’s health and all benefits to quitting smoking.

Generally women think about a family in their thirties. A good step to achieve this is to stop smoking because this habit entails such problems as infertility, early menopause, and osteoporosis. Girls and women who smoke may have painful and irregular periods and breakthrough bleeding. So if a woman wants a family it is important to quit smoking for both her and her partner.

Every future mum wants to have a healthy child. The best way to achieve this is not to smoke and avoid all smoking consequences. Mothers who smoke near their kids also put their children health at risk.

Children growing up in a smoke free home are likely to escape to catch coughs and cold. And parents will decrease the risk of serious problems like cot death, glue ear, asthma and infections.

28 November 2013

Beginners Guide to Buying Electronic Cigarettes as a Smoking Alternative

Many people are looking into the possibilities of the electronic cigarette as an alternative to smoking. There are of course two main benefits that can be had from switching over, the first is cutting out the inhalation of thousands of harmful substances found in burning tobacco and the second being the money it could save you in the long run.

It is all well and good saying "switch to e cigarettes, they are far better!" But for new users actually choosing a good product can be extremely confusing due to the number of brands and different types of e cigs available. This is where we will try and break things down a little bit and take a look at a few things you need to consider when choosing an e cigarette.

1. Decide on where you will use the e cigarette the most. Will you be using it only in the house? Mostly when you are out and about? Maybe both of these in equal measure?

If you are looking for something to use just when at home then the bigger capacity batteries are something to take a look at, products such as the EGO are ones to look out for.

If you are looking to use mainly when you are out then you will probably benefit most from a mini e cig with a PCC such as the V1P or E-Lites E-Pro4.

If you are looking for an all rounder then a mini e cigarette from Green Smoke or Jacvapour should be good and at a later date maybe adding a large capacity battery.

2. Be sure to check the monthly cost of the e cig you have selected.

Depending on the brand you choose you will have an option of using cartomizers that are disposable and e-liquid that is a DIY option bought in bottles. Cartomizers can vary massively in price so be sure to work out what your monthly vaping costs may be. Re-filling using e-liquid can be a very cost effective way of doing things but is not always for everyone as they can be a little more work.

3. Make sure the brand offers a reasonable warranty and can be contacted easily in case you have any problems.

Most e cig sellers will have a warranty on their batteries, some even offer a full money back guarantee if you find the product isn’t for you. Either way be sure to check their T&C’s and see if what they offer is good for you.

These are just a few things to look for when picking the right electronic cigarette. If it still seems confusing then take a look at e cig review websites that provide recommendations. Be sure the reviewer has used the product though as there are a lot of review websites out there that have never even touched the product. These are normally easy to spot though. If you are unsure then ask them questions about the product if need be, you will soon know if they have used it or not.

One website that uses all the products it reviews is ecigclick.co.uk. They have also been known to give away the e cigarette starter kits they test to lucky readers as well.

23 September 2013

How to Quit Smoking With E-Cigarettes

Quitting smoking is hard no matter how you approach it. There are all sorts of patches, gums, “tricks”, and of course, quitting cold turkey. Some of these methods have been found to be effective, but breaking an addiction is no fun regardless of the tools you have.

Electronic cigarettes are the latest smoking cessation trend. They are not directly marketed as such, but it is implied in advertising. Many people start using electronic cigarettes with the intent of quitting nicotine use entirely and end up simply using it as a replacement.

Here is a guide for how to quit nicotine altogether—forever—using electronic cigarettes.

Invest in Decent Equipment

You will not be able to successfully wean yourself off of nicotine by using e-cigarettes in two weeks. It will likely take you months, depending on your addiction level and your dedication.

If you buy disposable electronic cigarettes, you will likely spend more money than you would with traditional cigarettes. Additionally you may run out entirely and be tempted to buy tobacco cigarettes if e-cigs are not as readily available.

A higher-quality nicotine vaporizer system is a better option. It will last months, and will save a substantial amount of money because all that is needed for it to run is a few replacement parts, and nicotine “juice”. 

Nicotine Dosing

Knowing what dosage of nicotine to use is pertinent to your success. The average cigarette has the nicotine equivalent to the 12mg version of e-juice. It is important to start at a similar level to what you are used to smoking, and begin incrementally decreasing the nicotine dosage once you are used to the nicotine vaporizer.

Create a plan for lowering your nicotine level by deciding how often and by how much you will decrease your use.

Decreasing by 1-2mg will likely not even be a noticeable change. Still, it is important not to make drastic changes or you will find yourself with nicotine cravings which can result in relapse. 

Breaking the Habit

Breaking the physical habit is also important when you want to quit smoking. In addition to lowering the nicotine level, also plan on limiting your time smoking the nicotine. If you normally spend 5 minutes at a time smoking, and you smoke 10 times a day, incrementally decrease the time you spend and the number of times daily that you smoke.

This will help you slowly break the physical habit of smoking while you are also beginning to break your addiction.

Nicotine vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are similar to any smoking cessation tool. It takes self-regulation and determination to quit, but the health benefits will outweigh the discomfort in the long run.
Author Bio: Sean Mayes writes freelance for eCiggy and enjoys his newfound cardiovascular freedom now that he is smoke free. He recently started competing in Crossfit, and plans on competing in powerlifting in the near future.

02 August 2013

E-Cigarettes - have they turned the corner?

The e-cigarettes market seems to be the fastest growing industry around right now. Most of us heard about them a couple of year ago but probably dismissed them as something which will never really take off, mainly because of the monstrous black sticks you used to have to carry around with you in order to inhale the nicotine, so although you may have been getting the hit, the price of looking 'a bit different' wasn’t worth paying for most.

Next came the cigarette-style electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes were again getting closer to the real thing, but still there was a problem – these new 'cigalike' e-cigarettes were twice the size of normal cigarettes. So short of claiming that you had really small hands, you still got strange looks when carrying them around with you. On top of this, early wisdom was that an e-cigarette should have colored ends, so as to alert people that you were not in fact smoking tobacco, and so in theory you could 'vape' your e-cigarette anywhere. 

Again, for the mainstream, the colored beacon and the over-sized device was not a fair deal in exchange for being allowed to smoke your electronic cigarettes inside a bar, for example. 

So the e-cigarette industry, led by the Chinese, upped their game again, and we suggest, finally turned the corner. The best electronic cigarettes are now exactly the same size as cigarettes, light up the same color and feel more or less the same. Paper is now being used to wrap the e-cigarette, and in some cases soft tips as well.

And this is not the end. The taste, although harder to describe in written word, is evolving at the same pace as the overall feel of electronic cigarettes, so much so that it's very conceivable that within 18 months the e-cigarette will be indistinguishable from the tobacco cigarette in a blind test - if indeed the test needs to even be conducted blindfolded.

A further 20 years down the line, e-cigarettes might revert back to the black pipes mentioned at the start of this article, but the point is that it will have needed this ‘copying’ phase to enable people to make the switch, before it was allowed to evolve in its own direction.

Who knows what the future holds, but more sophistication and choice can only mean that more consumers will lean towards the e-cigarette rather than the tobacco cigarette, and that must surely have excellent implications for the health of the people on planet earth.

Want to try an e-cigarette? Visit The Electric Tobacconist at http://www.electrictobacconist.co.uk and choose the brand most likely to help you make the switch long-term.

18 July 2013

Top Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances there is and most people experience a great deal of difficulty in giving up. This is particularly the case when you are surrounded by other smokers or you live in a country where smoking indoors in public places is still permitted. For the most part, quitting smoking requires self-discipline, but there are various other things that you can do to help. Consider the following tips to kick the habit.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly widely available. Electronic cigarettes work by vaporizing a liquid solution containing the common food additive propylene glycol, nicotine and flavourings. What you inhale is steam rather than smoke. Because of this, you can also use them in most places where smoking is otherwise prohibited.

Electronic cigarettes are often touted as being a safer, healthier and cleaner alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. While this is true to a degree, due to the lack of smoke, tar and carbon monoxide among other factors, it is important to realize that electronic cigarettes are not a smoking cessation device. They do contain nicotine and they do not help to stop your dependency on it.

Motivating Yourself

Motivating yourself to quit smoking is the first step. We all know that smoking is extremely bad for your health, but have you ever thought about how much money you spend every month on cigarettes? The price of cigarettes varies greatly from country to country but, in the UK, for example, a heavy smoker may spend as much as £200 ($340) per month! Just think about how much money you can save and, if you manage to keep off the cigarettes for a month, why not reward yourself by spending the money saved on a weekend away or dinner at a nice restaurant?
Avoiding Temptations

Get rid of any smoking-related paraphernalia in your home such as tobacco, lighters and ashtrays. Keep yourself distracted from smoking by staying busy and keeping your mind off it. After a few days, this should start to get much easier. Keeping active and doing something a bit different can help you to get into a new routine. Not only can it be helpful to quitting smoking; it is good for your overall health and lifestyle.

Many smokers claim to be social smokers who mostly smoke while drinking. If you are the kind of person who gets the strongest cravings after a few drinks, then try to avoid that situation by having less to drink in the first place. It is also a good idea to avoid smoky pubs and other public venues if you live in a country where it has yet to be banned.
Smoking Cessation Products

People have had varying levels of success with different smoking cessation products, but they are worth a try. Some products available include nicotine gum, patches and inhalers. All of these claim to help wean you off cigarettes and, eventually, the addiction to nicotine itself.

23 May 2013

–°heck out FIN e-cigarettes

If you've been searching for a high quality e-cig that won't break your wallet, check out FIN electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are smoke and ash free, making it a comfortable replacement for traditional cigarettes.  They can be used both indoors and out and provide a great smoking alternative.  FIN e-cigarettes come in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable varieties and come in a huge variety of flavors.

FIN e-cigarettes are a cheaper than tobacco cigarettes.  Each unit is used with refill cartridges that can be interchanged after use.  The e-cigarette unit comes with an atomizer inside, which dispenses water vapor into the air.  The e-cigarettes are used with the same inhaling and exhaling as you would regular cigarettes, but produce no smoke and no secondary products.

FIN is proud family owned company operating in the United States.  They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of the products they sell online.  Products are shipped within 1-2 business days of an order being received.  FIN also has an affiliate program for those wishing to share the product to a broader market.

FIN e-cigarettes are an environmentally friendly smoking alternative and are quickly becoming a recognized name in the electronic cigarette business.

21 May 2013

Homemade Recipe to Quit Smoking

This is not a secret that every smoker feels the lack of vitamin C. So if you decided to quit smoking, then you should to supply this vitamin exactly. At once you will feel the improvement of vitality and as a result you will be in a good mood. And this fact is very important during the period of quitting smoking.

This vitamin course is usually taken for not more two weeks, because vitamin C isn’t accumulated in the organism. And to fight the physical addiction to cigarettes down is possible for two weeks too. The psychological dependence from cigarettes can be overcome with time, because it looks like a habit to clean teeth in the morning. Such habit is usually formed during 21 days. So if you do not smoke for two weeks, you have to endure only 7 days till a victory!

The method to quit smoking offered in this post is very simple. Every morning make black tea of high quality. Add a lemon by your taste and drew in the vacuum flask. It’s important to make unusual, astringent taste. The tea odor is very important too. It must be aromatic and invigorating. This tea in the vacuum flask will be the sips of new forces.

The second part of the recipe how to quit smoking is to store cranberries. This berry is the source of vitamin C too. The cranberry will beat off the desire to smoke. You can eat one-two berries every hour. 

17 May 2013

Love Life, Love E-Cigs

Smokers know that smoking burns a huge hole in their pockets, as well as in their lifestyle. If it weren’t for those many and often abrupt dashes to the convenience store, and ducking out for a drag a dozen times a day or more, they would have a heck of a lot more time to do other things. Vapourlites knows how frustrating all this can be. Their electronic cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes and are a great way to wean you off of your nicotine habit and get you on the road to a better life.

Giving up need not meet throwing your pack of cigarettes into the dumpster and going cold turkey. Smokers who are trying to beat the habit often go this route, and find themselves becoming fidgety, looking for something similar to a cigarette to hold in their hand. A good way to spot a struggling ex-smoker is to look for someone twiddling a pencil between their fingers or sticking it repeatedly in their mouth.

Vapourlites e-cigs solve that problem with ease. They look and feel remarkably similar to real cigarettes and give you that nicotine hit to boot.  There are four flavours to excite your palette—tobacco, menthol, vanilla, and cherry. Smokers can choose the nicotine strength they wish to start with— either 20 milligrams, 16 milligrams, 11 milligrams, or 6 milligrams. Work your way down to that ideal ‘zero’, and make your dependence a hazy memory.  The battery and cartomizer screw together easily so that you can quickly replace the cartridge when you run out. Wonderful simplicity.

As reported in the UK’s Metro tabloid last month, electronic cigarettes have been found to 'help nine out of ten smokers quit tobacco completely'.  So not only will you feel better, you'll have more time to do the things you enjoy, and you’ll have plenty of cash to spend along the way because on average you’ll save up to 80% as compared to regular cigarettes. We’ll say that again – eighty percent.

And so, if your goal is to feel healthier—and richer—try a free electronic cigarette today. You have nothing to lose—except a dirty, expensive habit.

20 March 2013

Michelle Rodriguez Chooses Electronic Cigarettes over Tobacco

The number of celebrities choosing to try electronic cigarettes as a tobacco replacement continues to grow. The latest example is Michelle Rodriguez, the actress best known for her role in the 2009 blockbuster "Avatar". Rodriguez has also appeared in "Fast and Furious", "Machete", and the "Lost" television series.

Celebrity spotters recently got a glimpse of Rodriguez partying with other celebs at Robin Thicke's birthday party in West Hollywood. Upon leaving the party, the 34-year-old actress reached for a Vapestick rather than her traditional tobacco. Whether or not she's trying to quit tobacco, no one knows for sure.

The important thing is that Rodriguez is not the first star to smoke an e-cig (also known as "vaping") while in the public eye. Many other celebrities have taken the plunge before her; some want to generally quit smoking while others just want to reduce tobacco consumption. It is both a health issue and one of maintaining a good public image in a culture where smoking is looked on as taboo.

Thank You Johnny Depp

One of the first celebrities to be seen with an e-cigarette is none other than Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp. As a matter of fact, Depp used an e-cigarette in the 2010 thriller "The Tourist" with co-star Angelina Jolie. In what could be the most important film scene for the e-cigarette industry, Depp's character gives a vaping demonstration to his fellow passenger by touching the tip to his hand to show it was not burning.

Other celebrities known to use e-cigarettes include the Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood, actors Leo DiCaprio and Catherine Heigl, and British pop sensations The Sweet Harlots and Girls Aloud. Both the Harlots and Catherine Heigl chose an e-cigarette by VAPESTICK to replace their tobacco. The others use a variety of different brands.

The Appeal of Electronic Cigarettes 

The e-cigarette has great star appeal for a number of reasons. First and foremost is the fact that it allows celebs to smoke in public places where tobacco is not normally allowed. The fact that the electronic device emits no smoke means it is not included in most smoking bans. That lends itself well to the hard partying ways of the rich and famous.

Second, vaping is quickly becoming en vogue whereas cigarette smoking is now one of the greatest evils of modern culture. Image-conscious celebrities still want to enjoy the nicotine habit but do not need their images tarnished by photographs portraying them holding tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are a way to be stylish, still enjoy nicotine, and do something that looks cool.

Third is the idea of harm reduction. It has long been known that cancer, emphysema, and other smoking-related diseases are caused mainly by the thousands of toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Even though nicotine is addictive, the chemical free nature of e-cigarette vapour is believed to cause less harm through less exposure to toxic chemicals.

How They Work 

If you are not familiar with electronic cigarettes, the technology is fairly simple. It is based on the age-old principle of vaporisation, whereby a liquid is heated right to the temperature of vaporisation, thereby transforming it into an aerosol mist that can be inhaled. It's the same technology the healthcare sector has been using for decades with medical vaporisers. It's also the same technology used to power artificial smoke machines seen in live theatre productions and rock concerts.

In the case of electronic cigarettes, a small, battery-powered atomiser heats the nicotine liquid to create the mist. The propylene glycol in the liquid is what gives the vapour its smoke-like look and feel. The good news is that propylene glycol has been approved by health organisations around the world as safe for human consumption.

If you are worried about inhaling propylene glycol, there is no need to be. It is also used as an ingredient in asthma inhalers due to its properties as a humectant. Propylene glycol is found in thousands of consumer products, ranging from cosmetics to baby care items to food preservatives.

The other ingredients in the typical e-cigarette liquid include nicotine, food flavouring, and distilled water. Former smokers who managed to wean themselves from nicotine can continue vaping with zero nicotine liquid. Many do so just for the sheer enjoyment of the experience.

As the number of electronic cigarette users continues to grow, we expect to see more celebrities jumping on the vaping bandwagon. Whether it's actors like Michelle Rodriguez or musicians like Ronnie Wood, electronic cigarettes provide a viable alternative to inhaling tobacco smoke.

05 March 2013

Health Insurance with GMF

A proper health cover that is also cost effective is quite difficult to find in this day and age. Because of the continued volatility of the world economic market, banks and insurance companies are making their profits on the backs of their clients by raising their rates. Finding an insurance company that was not affected by the economic crisis is quite difficult. However, I was able to find that company in GMF Health.

GMF Health is the most straightforward company when it comes to private health insurance. Above all, this is why I chose them. The costs for health insurance are set in stone from the beginning with no hidden fees or penalties in the fine print of the contract - what you see is what you get.

Not only is the price right, but the packages that GMF offers are top notch as well. There is literally a program for everyone no matter his age group or her health history. Personally, GMF was the first company that had a medical insurance program that I actually wanted to be a part of and did not take out of pure necessity.

GMF Health was also the first company with customer service representatives that actually knew about the programs that they were selling.  The customer service is wonderful and I find it very reassuring when I can call my insurance company and not have to worry about being transferred 10 times before someone who actually has an answer comes to the phone.

06 February 2013

Are We at a Turning Point in the Smoking Market?

As we head into the year of 2013, we all know that the dedicated among us are well into our New Years Resolutions. A lot of people have prepared themselves to lose weight, some are aiming to get fit and eat more healthier. But one of the most popular that is on a lot of people's list is to quit smoking.

So as well as the insane spike in gym memberships and salad, there is inevitably a rise in the nicotine supplement products such as Nicorette gum and the other products they provide. However, over the past couple of years things have started to take a turn away from these products and onto a slightly different product which in itself has created a grey area with the law. This product is called the electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes have been around for a few years now but they have really started to take off in the past 2 years. You can check out the history and full information of e cigarettes on their wikipedia page here. They are small battery powered devices that you fill with liquid nicotine and it heats up the liquid to create a vapour that is then inhaled. This obviously provides a new way to directly intake nicotine that is at the same time very similar to regular smoking. This in theory sounds fantastic as it seems to be the perfect thing for smokers. A way of breathing in nicotine that still gives the smoking effect yet there is no combustion therefore no tar or other toxic gasses that are given off with combustion. 

So why are they not completely wiping out the tobacco market? This is where the grey area comes in. Electronic cigarettes although seem very good and are being sold throughout the UK, have not been fully tested yet. It is a safe assumption that they contain less harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes however they may not be completely free of harmful chemicals.

Regardless of the warnings that have been sent out by the MHRA, they are still beginning to sell extremely well and are becoming more and more popular. In Spring 2013, MHRA will announce what they wish to do to govern the electronic cigarettes and the laws will follow in the months/ years after. But as it stands they are looking to be at the very least a good alternative to smoking and will no doubt sales will spike in the New Year as they gain popularity.

Electronic Cigarettes are currently available from several retailers such as the main stream supermarkets and some of the larger brands have well established sites. If you are new to electronic cigarettes it may well be worth having a look some of the larger e cigarette sites such as Neat Cigs and Ecig Wizard to see what different e cigarettes are available and what is best for you. As it stands there is a huge range of models and brands so it is worth checking out the review sites to get an idea of which brands are of the best quality and which are not to be trusted.

18 January 2013

E-Lites Gangnam Baby Advert

We’ve just taken our first look at the clever new commercial from E-Lites, the UK’s premium electronic cigarette brand, in which a father leaves the room where his family are sitting to go for a cigarette in the garden – and ends up missing out on his son’s rather unique first steps.

Gangnam Baby

This situation in the advert is one that many smokers can relate to, but thanks to electronic cigarettes from brands like E-Lites, it doesn’t have to happen.

E-Lites electronic cigarettes are a smoke, tar and tobacco-free alternative to regular cigarettes, as well as being legal to smoke indoors. So, next time there’s an un-missable event, you won’t have to hear about it from someone else.

08 January 2013

Try E-Cigarettes to Cut Down on Smoking

One thing that every smoker will agree on is that it’s hard to quit smoking. You may decide that’s what you want to do, but going from making the decision to actually carrying it out and sticking to your resolution can be a long and difficult road.

For many smokers, it’s not only the nicotine addiction that they find hard to break free of; it’s all the little habits that go alongside smoking that are sometimes harder to quit than the nicotine itself. For example, many smokers in the process of quitting find that they are fidgety and restless because their hands are not occupied with holding and handling cigarettes.

For others, it’s the action of inhaling cigarette smoke and the feeling that creates that they miss the most. Nicotine patches or gum may provide the nicotine, but none of the other aspects of smoking that you may enjoy.

While the overall aim is to quit smoking once and for all, many people have found that using electronic cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes has helped them to begin the process of quitting. Electronic cigarettes use the same physical gestures as smoking tobacco cigarettes, but have fewer harmful toxins like tar and carbon monoxide. For a start, you don’t actually smoke them, so no smoke is created. Instead, you inhale a dose of nicotine vapour when you draw on the e-cigarette. This travels down your throat to your lungs and gives a similar sensation to smoking a normal cigarette.

It’s possible to buy a cheap electronic cigarette starter kit online from many different websites. If you try them out and don’t like them, it won’t have cost you much. However, given the popularity of e-cigarettes among smokers who are on their way to quitting completely, it’s likely that you’ll enjoy using e-cigarettes.

Once you have made the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes, you can think about taking the next step and buying the nicotine-free cartridges for e-cigarettes, so that you can quit the nicotine habit for good.