08 January 2013

Try E-Cigarettes to Cut Down on Smoking

One thing that every smoker will agree on is that it’s hard to quit smoking. You may decide that’s what you want to do, but going from making the decision to actually carrying it out and sticking to your resolution can be a long and difficult road.

For many smokers, it’s not only the nicotine addiction that they find hard to break free of; it’s all the little habits that go alongside smoking that are sometimes harder to quit than the nicotine itself. For example, many smokers in the process of quitting find that they are fidgety and restless because their hands are not occupied with holding and handling cigarettes.

For others, it’s the action of inhaling cigarette smoke and the feeling that creates that they miss the most. Nicotine patches or gum may provide the nicotine, but none of the other aspects of smoking that you may enjoy.

While the overall aim is to quit smoking once and for all, many people have found that using electronic cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes has helped them to begin the process of quitting. Electronic cigarettes use the same physical gestures as smoking tobacco cigarettes, but have fewer harmful toxins like tar and carbon monoxide. For a start, you don’t actually smoke them, so no smoke is created. Instead, you inhale a dose of nicotine vapour when you draw on the e-cigarette. This travels down your throat to your lungs and gives a similar sensation to smoking a normal cigarette.

It’s possible to buy a cheap electronic cigarette starter kit online from many different websites. If you try them out and don’t like them, it won’t have cost you much. However, given the popularity of e-cigarettes among smokers who are on their way to quitting completely, it’s likely that you’ll enjoy using e-cigarettes.

Once you have made the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes, you can think about taking the next step and buying the nicotine-free cartridges for e-cigarettes, so that you can quit the nicotine habit for good.