05 March 2013

Health Insurance with GMF

A proper health cover that is also cost effective is quite difficult to find in this day and age. Because of the continued volatility of the world economic market, banks and insurance companies are making their profits on the backs of their clients by raising their rates. Finding an insurance company that was not affected by the economic crisis is quite difficult. However, I was able to find that company in GMF Health.

GMF Health is the most straightforward company when it comes to private health insurance. Above all, this is why I chose them. The costs for health insurance are set in stone from the beginning with no hidden fees or penalties in the fine print of the contract - what you see is what you get.

Not only is the price right, but the packages that GMF offers are top notch as well. There is literally a program for everyone no matter his age group or her health history. Personally, GMF was the first company that had a medical insurance program that I actually wanted to be a part of and did not take out of pure necessity.

GMF Health was also the first company with customer service representatives that actually knew about the programs that they were selling.  The customer service is wonderful and I find it very reassuring when I can call my insurance company and not have to worry about being transferred 10 times before someone who actually has an answer comes to the phone.