21 May 2013

Homemade Recipe to Quit Smoking

This is not a secret that every smoker feels the lack of vitamin C. So if you decided to quit smoking, then you should to supply this vitamin exactly. At once you will feel the improvement of vitality and as a result you will be in a good mood. And this fact is very important during the period of quitting smoking.

This vitamin course is usually taken for not more two weeks, because vitamin C isn’t accumulated in the organism. And to fight the physical addiction to cigarettes down is possible for two weeks too. The psychological dependence from cigarettes can be overcome with time, because it looks like a habit to clean teeth in the morning. Such habit is usually formed during 21 days. So if you do not smoke for two weeks, you have to endure only 7 days till a victory!

The method to quit smoking offered in this post is very simple. Every morning make black tea of high quality. Add a lemon by your taste and drew in the vacuum flask. It’s important to make unusual, astringent taste. The tea odor is very important too. It must be aromatic and invigorating. This tea in the vacuum flask will be the sips of new forces.

The second part of the recipe how to quit smoking is to store cranberries. This berry is the source of vitamin C too. The cranberry will beat off the desire to smoke. You can eat one-two berries every hour.