02 August 2013

E-Cigarettes - have they turned the corner?

The e-cigarettes market seems to be the fastest growing industry around right now. Most of us heard about them a couple of year ago but probably dismissed them as something which will never really take off, mainly because of the monstrous black sticks you used to have to carry around with you in order to inhale the nicotine, so although you may have been getting the hit, the price of looking 'a bit different' wasn’t worth paying for most.

Next came the cigarette-style electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes were again getting closer to the real thing, but still there was a problem – these new 'cigalike' e-cigarettes were twice the size of normal cigarettes. So short of claiming that you had really small hands, you still got strange looks when carrying them around with you. On top of this, early wisdom was that an e-cigarette should have colored ends, so as to alert people that you were not in fact smoking tobacco, and so in theory you could 'vape' your e-cigarette anywhere. 

Again, for the mainstream, the colored beacon and the over-sized device was not a fair deal in exchange for being allowed to smoke your electronic cigarettes inside a bar, for example. 

So the e-cigarette industry, led by the Chinese, upped their game again, and we suggest, finally turned the corner. The best electronic cigarettes are now exactly the same size as cigarettes, light up the same color and feel more or less the same. Paper is now being used to wrap the e-cigarette, and in some cases soft tips as well.

And this is not the end. The taste, although harder to describe in written word, is evolving at the same pace as the overall feel of electronic cigarettes, so much so that it's very conceivable that within 18 months the e-cigarette will be indistinguishable from the tobacco cigarette in a blind test - if indeed the test needs to even be conducted blindfolded.

A further 20 years down the line, e-cigarettes might revert back to the black pipes mentioned at the start of this article, but the point is that it will have needed this ‘copying’ phase to enable people to make the switch, before it was allowed to evolve in its own direction.

Who knows what the future holds, but more sophistication and choice can only mean that more consumers will lean towards the e-cigarette rather than the tobacco cigarette, and that must surely have excellent implications for the health of the people on planet earth.

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