06 February 2013

Are We at a Turning Point in the Smoking Market?

As we head into the year of 2013, we all know that the dedicated among us are well into our New Years Resolutions. A lot of people have prepared themselves to lose weight, some are aiming to get fit and eat more healthier. But one of the most popular that is on a lot of people's list is to quit smoking.

So as well as the insane spike in gym memberships and salad, there is inevitably a rise in the nicotine supplement products such as Nicorette gum and the other products they provide. However, over the past couple of years things have started to take a turn away from these products and onto a slightly different product which in itself has created a grey area with the law. This product is called the electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes have been around for a few years now but they have really started to take off in the past 2 years. You can check out the history and full information of e cigarettes on their wikipedia page here. They are small battery powered devices that you fill with liquid nicotine and it heats up the liquid to create a vapour that is then inhaled. This obviously provides a new way to directly intake nicotine that is at the same time very similar to regular smoking. This in theory sounds fantastic as it seems to be the perfect thing for smokers. A way of breathing in nicotine that still gives the smoking effect yet there is no combustion therefore no tar or other toxic gasses that are given off with combustion. 

So why are they not completely wiping out the tobacco market? This is where the grey area comes in. Electronic cigarettes although seem very good and are being sold throughout the UK, have not been fully tested yet. It is a safe assumption that they contain less harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes however they may not be completely free of harmful chemicals.

Regardless of the warnings that have been sent out by the MHRA, they are still beginning to sell extremely well and are becoming more and more popular. In Spring 2013, MHRA will announce what they wish to do to govern the electronic cigarettes and the laws will follow in the months/ years after. But as it stands they are looking to be at the very least a good alternative to smoking and will no doubt sales will spike in the New Year as they gain popularity.

Electronic Cigarettes are currently available from several retailers such as the main stream supermarkets and some of the larger brands have well established sites. If you are new to electronic cigarettes it may well be worth having a look some of the larger e cigarette sites such as Neat Cigs and Ecig Wizard to see what different e cigarettes are available and what is best for you. As it stands there is a huge range of models and brands so it is worth checking out the review sites to get an idea of which brands are of the best quality and which are not to be trusted.