23 September 2013

How to Quit Smoking With E-Cigarettes

Quitting smoking is hard no matter how you approach it. There are all sorts of patches, gums, “tricks”, and of course, quitting cold turkey. Some of these methods have been found to be effective, but breaking an addiction is no fun regardless of the tools you have.

Electronic cigarettes are the latest smoking cessation trend. They are not directly marketed as such, but it is implied in advertising. Many people start using electronic cigarettes with the intent of quitting nicotine use entirely and end up simply using it as a replacement.

Here is a guide for how to quit nicotine altogether—forever—using electronic cigarettes.

Invest in Decent Equipment

You will not be able to successfully wean yourself off of nicotine by using e-cigarettes in two weeks. It will likely take you months, depending on your addiction level and your dedication.

If you buy disposable electronic cigarettes, you will likely spend more money than you would with traditional cigarettes. Additionally you may run out entirely and be tempted to buy tobacco cigarettes if e-cigs are not as readily available.

A higher-quality nicotine vaporizer system is a better option. It will last months, and will save a substantial amount of money because all that is needed for it to run is a few replacement parts, and nicotine “juice”. 

Nicotine Dosing

Knowing what dosage of nicotine to use is pertinent to your success. The average cigarette has the nicotine equivalent to the 12mg version of e-juice. It is important to start at a similar level to what you are used to smoking, and begin incrementally decreasing the nicotine dosage once you are used to the nicotine vaporizer.

Create a plan for lowering your nicotine level by deciding how often and by how much you will decrease your use.

Decreasing by 1-2mg will likely not even be a noticeable change. Still, it is important not to make drastic changes or you will find yourself with nicotine cravings which can result in relapse. 

Breaking the Habit

Breaking the physical habit is also important when you want to quit smoking. In addition to lowering the nicotine level, also plan on limiting your time smoking the nicotine. If you normally spend 5 minutes at a time smoking, and you smoke 10 times a day, incrementally decrease the time you spend and the number of times daily that you smoke.

This will help you slowly break the physical habit of smoking while you are also beginning to break your addiction.

Nicotine vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are similar to any smoking cessation tool. It takes self-regulation and determination to quit, but the health benefits will outweigh the discomfort in the long run.
Author Bio: Sean Mayes writes freelance for eCiggy and enjoys his newfound cardiovascular freedom now that he is smoke free. He recently started competing in Crossfit, and plans on competing in powerlifting in the near future.