09 January 2014

Effects of Smoking for Women. Part 2.

Smoking can cause a bad facial skin and premature ageing. The numerous chemicals contained in tobacco can dehydrate and deprive oxygen from skin of face. Smoking can age woman by more than ten years!

Women complexion is more likely to have a yellow-grey pallor, facial wrinkles and lines around the lips and eyes. Smoker women in the middle age have facial wrinkling and develop hollow cheeks because of sucking on cigarettes. Their skin becomes dry and covered with tiny lines around the lips and eyes.

One of the side effects of smoking is premature grey hair. Some chemicals in smoke are accumulated in hair cells, which leads to their damage. On the other hand, quitting smoking can assist to get back intake of nutrients to the hair, improving nourishment and restoring healthy shine.

Smoking causes yellow discolouration of teeth and bad smell and breath in the mouth. Smokers are more likely to lose their teeth. Once you quit a dentist can remove the stains on your teeth and your gums will improve.