21 February 2014

Effects of Smoking for Women. Part 3.

Smoking females are likely to store fat around the waist and upper body because they are under the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, gall bladder problems and breast cancer.

 It is not only the skin that ages prematurely, smoking reduces physical fitness. A smoker isn’t as active as one’s non-smoking peers. Smoking drains a lot of one’s body energy reserves. Smoking lowers physical stamina and entails exhaustion both during and after workout. Stop smoking means the cells in the body will receive more oxygen. If one quit, within a few hours one’s circulation will improve and can provide the body with more energy.

Recent researches show that female bodies in general are under double risk from lung cancer then the male ones. The reason is the biochemical way women bodies function. Whereas men detoxify themselves by excreting carcinogens in their urine, in women these harmful stuffs are transformed into other carcinogenic substances that could lead to mutations in tumor -suppressing genes.

The good news is that it's never late to stop smoking. By quitting smoking now a woman may avoid many of the health risks related to smoke. A body will repair itself over time and a woman can still improve one health, fitness and appearance.

People who die of a smoking-related disease lose an average of over ten years of life. Women who quit smoking can get many of those years back – enhance the chances that they will live to enjoy their grandchildren.