27 August 2015

Which e-cigarette brand is right for me?

If you've made your mind up that you want to make the switch from smoking to vaping, the most important next choice is which e-cigarette brand to go with.

The US has many household names of electronic cigarette already. Brands like blu and NJOY have already found their way into the mainstream with actors like Stephen Dorff being paid to front their campaigns (in the case of blu).

If you're browsing in the shops or on the internet for an brand to try out, chances are you will have heard of at least eight of the e-cigarette brands you will come across. So which is right for you?
Let's look at America's four largest e-cigarette brands and point out some of their strengths:
blu: A slick and well-known brand. You can't really go wrong with blu, especially if you want a black electronic cigarette.

NJOY: NJOY's best-selling product is the NJOY King. This product gained almost viral popularity as it looks, feels and tastes so much like a real cigarette that many, many smokers were willing to give it a go.

V2: A fast-moving brand with a great range. Don't like those cigarette-type ecigs? They have an enormous range of e-liquids and also have a kit that can vaporize loose leaves.

Mark Ten: Marlboro's electronic cigarette. As you'd expect from a tobacco brand, it tastes just like a cigarette and is available only in tobacco and menthol flavors.

Article written by Lenny Stubbs, Founder of The Electric Tobacconist®, an online vaping store selling all major e-cigarette brands including blu, FIN, Mark Ten, NJOY, V2 and many more.