09 October 2015

Quit Smoking Today

When smokers first start smoking cigarettes, they believe that smoking made them feel more confident and more relaxed. And as a result of lighting up those first few cigarettes, smokers install these useless beliefs straight into their unconscious, beliefs that also included the idea that quitting smoking was going to be really hard.

At the same time, smokers make a conscious decision to choose those perceived benefits of feeling better, more relaxed and more confident, over the original physical reactions of inhaling the toxic smoke. So, as time goes on and their nicotine addiction was formed completely, smokers started to mistake the relief of feeding that addiction with feelings of relaxation and self-assurance. Then for many years, with the help of thousands of cigarettes, smokers have trained their unconscious minds to wrongly associate the process of lighting and smoking a cigarette with feeling good, confident and relaxed.

So, how to quit smoking once and for all? So, what if it is really easy? What if all your beliefs about how difficult it is going to be to quit smoking are completely false? What if, after just one session of hypnotherapy or NLP you find it unbelievably easy to become and remain a happy, confident non-smoker for life?

The reason why hypnotherapy and NLP are so successful is because both our beliefs about smoking and our habitual smoking behaviors reside within your unconscious mind. While consciously we want to quit smoking, our all-powerful unconscious mind simply does not. Hypnotherapy and NLP allow us to retrain the unconscious mind to change those false beliefs about smoking and quitting smoking to something more positive and helpful!

So as a result, the all too common withdrawal symptoms of irritability, mood swings and cravings, the common reasons for the relapse, will be reinstated with feelings of relaxation, better self-confidence and overall happiness.